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Featured Recipes

Featured Recipes

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Sweet Chili Corn Salsa Pork Belly Tacos

Post by  Jamie Ayles Jul 30, 2019
Pork belly tacos with sweet and chili corn salsa - Image

Half pound slab of raw pork belly 1 Bottle sweet Chili Corn Salsa 1 Tsp. Missing Link Spice Rub 1 Avocado 1 Tsp. Fresh Cilantro 6 Soft 6inch tortillas Corn or flour (your preference) 6 Hard Shell Tacos 3 oz. Shredded nacho cheese Cut the...

Sweet Sticky Icky Smash Burgers

Post by  Jamie Ayles Jul 30, 2019
Beef patty burger and bacon with cheese, ketchup and a blend of Kansas City and Carolina mustard sauce - Image

1 lb. 80/20 Ground Chuck Pinch Sea Salt Pinch Cracked Pepper 4 Hawaiian Rolls 4 slices American Cheese 1 Bottle Sweet Sticky Icky 4 slices Thick Cut Bacon 4 of your Favorite Pickles Loosely form the ground Chuck with Salt and Pepper into 4 even...

Winged Buffalo Hot Wings

Post by  Jamie Ayles Jul 30, 2019
Chicken wings with Buffalo Hot Sauce - Image

1 lb. Split Chicken Wings 1 Bottle Winged Buffalo Hot Sauce 2 Tsp. Missing Link Spice Blend Toss wings in 2 Tsp. Missing Link Spice Blend mix well and let rest for 15 minutes at room temp while the BBQ heats up to medium heat....

Bigfoot Bold / Missing Link BBQ Pork Ribs (Cheat Method)

Post by  Jamie Ayles Jul 30, 2019
Pork Ribs with Spice Rub and Bigfoot BBQ sauce - Image

At least 1 full rack of Pork Side (st. Louis) Ribs or Back Ribs (your choice) 1 Bottle Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce 1 pouch Missing Link Spice Rub Clean/ trim the ribs to your preference. Preheat oven to 300F. Rub the ribs until the full...

Sourdough Mushroom Melt Sandwich with Blueberry sauce and Killa Ketchup - Image

2 Portabella Mushrooms 1 medium white onion Sourdough Loaf 2 Tsp. Butter or Duck Fat 4Tsp. Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce 4Tsp. Killa Ketchup pinch Sea Salt Smoked Cheddar (3 oz.) Brie Cheese (2oz) In small sauce pot, sautee Julienne cut onions and Mushrooms in 1...

Total Jerk Chicken

Post by  Jamie Ayles Jul 19, 2019
Chicken with Total Jerk Sauce - Image

Bone on Skin on Chicken thighs 1 Bottle Total Jerk Sauce pinch Sea Salt pinch Cracked Pepper Marinate the Chicken in half bottle of Total Jerk Sauce for at least 1 hour covered in the fridge.  Give the Chicken a good stir half way through....