About Us – Bow Valley BBQ

Bow Valley BBQ is all about flavour and quality. Founder, Jamie Ayles, and Head of Product Development, Chris Dean, pride themselves on creating restaurant quality products. Their culinary backgrounds as executive chefs in the Bow Valley and abroad granted them the ability to create the exceptional flavours Bow Valley BBQ is internationally acclaimed for today.

"We have to love what we do and be huge fans of all food to find success in retail sauces and condiments, and we certainly do. There's nothing more fulfilling and motivating than seeing our products on the menu in restaurants or watching someone grab a bottle of our product off the shelf in the grocery store.” – Jamie Ayles

Bow Valley BBQ is dedicated to using REAL ingredients, keeping things simple and maintaining the highest standard of products. Mad love and respect for food and restaurant quality creation is what drives Bow Valley BBQ to stand out from the competition. The company pushes the limits while still maintaining familiarity, allowing for the expansion of recipes and elevation of food. Bow Valley BBQ is proud to encourage others to become creators in their kitchens, whether you're a microwave dinner connoisseur or master chef in training.


We make some of the best sauces in the world, and we aren’t afraid to say it.

We don’t just think it, we know it. We’ve put our sauces up against the best sauces in the world, and with over 50 international awards under our belt, we’ve proven that Bow Valley BBQ products can stand up against the best sauces on the planet.

Visit our product page to view all of our product specific awards.

Our Awards

13th annual Hot Pepper Awards (Brooklyn NY)

Spicetime Achievement Award (Awarded to a company that has shown excellence in craftmanship over repeated Award seasons of The Hot Pepper Awards.)

2022 NBBQA Awards (Texas)

Best BBQ Website
4th Place

BBQ Focus Article
2nd Place – “The Sauce Bosses” – Canadian Grocer Magazine

2021 NBBQA Awards (Texas)
Best BBQ Website
2nd Place
Single BBQ Focused Video
3rd Place – Bow Valley BBQ - Logo Reveal Video