About Us – Bow Valley BBQ

Internationally acclaimed, Sauce Boss is the secret behind the sauce. As a partnership brand Sauce Boss works directly with Canadian grocers, Chefs, restaurants and specialty food dealers across the country. Founder, Jamie Ayles, and Head of Product Development, Chris Dean, pride themselves on creating restaurant quality products. Their culinary backgrounds as executive chefs in the Bow Valley and abroad granted them the ability to create the exceptional flavours.

"We have to love what we do and be huge fans of all food to find success in retail sauces and condiments, and we certainly do. There's nothing more fulfilling and motivating than seeing our products on the menu in restaurants or watching someone grab a bottle of our product off the shelf in the grocery store.” – Jamie Ayles

Sauce Boss prides itself in using the highest quality ingredients. Utilizing partnerships with leading grocers and Chefs across the nation Sauce Boss strives to stay on trend, be a part of innovations and foster the creative drive that elevates its products. Look for the Sauce Boss label (hidden in plain sight) at participating grocers across Canada.